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Crowns & Bridges


Crowns offer a cosmetic solution for damaged or badly decayed teeth. A crown is a fixed prosthetic cap placed over an existing tooth to restore it to its structural functionality and appearance. Crowns are often coloured to match your existing tooth to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to damaged teeth.


A bridge refers to a dental technique which is often used for the complete restoration of a tooth or multiple missing teeth. When two crowns are secured in place, either side of the gap, a dental bridge is placed between the crowns to provide a strong, functional and natural solution to tooth loss.

Crowns and bridges
offer a cosmetic solution
for damaged or badly
decayed teeth

Emergency dental – crowns and bridges

Crowns and Bridges are often required during emergency dental procedures. Perhaps you have a tooth missing or have a dead or broken tooth causing you severe pain.

If you are missing tooth/teeth or feel that crowns or bridges may be a solution to your dental problem, contact our friendly team at The Port Dental Care to arrange a consultation.

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