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Root Canal Treatment

What is Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment?

Root Canal Therapy or Endodontic treatment is commonly undertaken to save a tooth when it has become infected, causing discomfort and toothaches. Most patients show symptoms of an abscess or swollen face.

Endodontic treatment describes the abstraction of infected or dead nerves through a tiny hole that is placed in the tooth. Your dentist will then disinfect the tooth and seal the hole to prevent reoccurring infection. Depending on how severe the infection within the tooth is, a number of visits may be necessary to conclude the root canal treatment.

When is Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment necessary?

When the tooth becomes painful, tender when you bite down, sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, or there may even been an obviously large cavity or discolouration, there is a high chance that endodontic treatment is necessary.

However, in many cases the pulp (inside) of the tooth will die without delivering any pain or discomfort.

Root Canal Therapy is
commonly undertaken to
save a tooth when it has
become infected, causing
discomfort and toothaches.

What treatment is involved for endodontic treatment?

There are three steps involved in endodontic treatment at our Port Adelaide Dentist.

  1. The removal of the pulp that has become inflamed and/or damaged and requires removal before the infection spreads to the gums and jaw bone.
  2. The replacement of the pulp with a sealer.
  3. The placement of a restoration, which may be a crown or composite cover for the tooth.

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