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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth will be the last molars in your mouth to erupt. Generally, our wisdom teeth should erupt without any problems or complications. However, many people will experience problems occurring when the wisdom teeth become impacted or only partially erupt.

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth extraction is recommended when complications arise, such as partial eruption. When the tooth grows in partially in this way, it can leave the surrounding soft tissue exposed to bacterial build-up or the formation of cysts.

Partial eruption, also known as “impacted molars”, is the most common reason for removal. The impacted teeth are removed surgically. First, the tissue is cut away, then the tooth is broken down and removed in smaller portions.

If the removal of a wisdom tooth looks particularly complex then a referral to an Oral surgeon will be arranged, the tooth will then be removed under a general anaesthetic or IV sedation.

Wisdom teeth extraction
is recommended when
complications arise,
such as partial eruption.

Side effects

One possible side effect of extraction is dry sockets. Roughly 2 to 5 per cent of people develop dry sockets. This occurs when a blood clot tries to form in the empty tooth socket. It causes pain and bad breath.

After surgery, it’s best to avoid drinking through a straw and spitting for the first few days to ensure proper healing and prevent related pain.

Recovery time

The after effects of an extraction are felt within 72 hours after removal. Wisdom teeth recovery can be painful once the numbness wears off, but this can be treated through prescribed pain relief and an oral steroid to reduce swelling.

Use a cotton swab to control bleeding and avoid hot food for 48 hours. Instead, consume cold food like ice cream to aid the recovery process. This is possibly the best excuse to eat ice cream!

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