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Our experienced dental team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your dental health and care. Educating our patients on their dental health is important to us.

How often should I visit my dentist?

We would recommend that you visit your dentist every six months for a dental assessment. This will ensure that any problems are detected early and that a fast and effective treatment plan can be implemented.

What can I expect during a dental assessment?

During a routine dental assessment, your dentist will clean both your teeth and gums, whilst removing any plaque from your teeth and gums that has been missed during your regular brushing and maintenance routine. 

The most important part of a dental assessment is the inspection of your oral hygiene, including your mouth, teeth and gums, aimed at the early detection of more serious problems.

Why should I visit for a dental assessment?

Visiting the dentist for a dental assessment will help to maintain your dental hygiene. They are also a starting point for detecting minor dental problems and also developing treatment plans to correct these. It can also be much more affordable to detect problems earlier before the gum and/or jaw bone becomes damaged, or perhaps you may require a filling at an earlier point in time, which will prevent the need for an expensive procedure like root canal therapy.

How can I improve my oral hygiene?

Your team at the Port Dental Care recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes twice daily, which will help you to maintain healthy teeth and healthy gums. We also recommend that you book in for bi-annual dental assessments. We would also suggest that you consume a balanced diet and restrict the amount of sugary foods and soft drinks consumed.

Hoe can I make my teeth whiter?

There are a number of habitual changes which will reduce the colour damage to your teeth. Smoking, eating coloured foods and drinking red wine, tea and coffee are all known to stain both your gums and teeth. Limiting these activities and habits, or seeking a professional whitening solutions at our practice can help to revitalise your smile. 

Why should I use toothpaste that contains fluoride?

Fluoride in toothpaste will strengthen your tooth enamel and also help to fight off tooth decay.

What payment methods do you accept?

For any payment that you make to The Port Dental Care we accept cash, credit cards, cheques and EFTPOS.

Contact The Port Dental Care to speak to our skilled dentists about all matters, or to schedule your next dental check-up.

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