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Teeth Whitening Port Adelaide

Teeth whitening made easy

Would you like your teeth to be whiter? Do you have a wedding, birthday or a significant social occasional coming up in which you want a bright white smile? At-home teeth whitening, offers all patients of our Port Adelaide Dentist a chance to have distinctively whiter teeth in just a matter of days.

The whitening process and results

The Port Dental Care in Port Adelaide offers a customised take-home whitening kit. The treatment will take place over two short appointments. The first, an impression will be taken to construct a mould of your teeth and to produce a custom fitted tray. This usually takes 5 days. At the second appointment these trays will be tried in to ensure they fit correctly and the whitening process and procedure will be explained.

The system we recommend and use is the Polar Night, by SDI. This process involves wearing the customised trays with the whitening solution for up to five consecutive nights. However depending on the starting shade of your teeth and your desired result the number of nights may vary.

Safety considerations

Are dental teeth whitening treatments safe? Most definitely! Our system of whitening solution is a water based product and has been created and tested by dental professionals.

Some people may experience small amounts of tooth sensitivity while whitening their teeth, which will generally last for no more than 48 hours.

The team at our Port Adelaide Dentist are here to answer all your questions during your treatment, making you feel comfortable and well educated about each and every step.

Teeth whitening costs

The Port Dental Care’s home whitening system strikes a good balance between cost and effectiveness. Much cheaper than in-chair whitening procedures, they are also far more effective than store-bought whitening treatments which use different and much smaller concentration of solution.

Port Adelaide dentist

For safe and cost-effective teeth whitening treatments that offer genuine results, contact The Port Dental Care on 08 8447 1566 or click here to contact us online.